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Welcome to Rebel Metal Detectors Online.

With over 51 years of experience you can be sure that Rebel Metal Detectors will give you solid advice and guidance as you embark upon or renew your interest in treasure hunting. Whether you are looking for historic artifacts, precious metals, or a lost wedding band, Rebel can set you up with the right equipment for the task.


March 2009 NAUTILUS Metal Detectors

  • DMC IIB w/ 10" coil $713
  • DMC IIBA w/10" coil $806
  • All models come with choice of rear mount "low country" or traditional "horseshoe" handle.

Yes, the rumors are true , after over 35 years of unwavering NAUTILUS use we are now using the FISHER F-75. The detector took some patience and getting use to but is now field proven to be an incredible metal detector. The F-75 is light weight, extremely sensitive, and easy on batteries. It has put the fun back into relic hunting. As we get more experience with the model, we will provide preferred settings.

We have long been pioneers in the area of water hunting and build the water proof Nautilus U-571 with approval from Jerry Tyndall, inventor of the "Nautilus DMC" metal detector. We can water proof a host of other detectors that are traditionally land locked. The TESORO CIBOLA makes a fantastic wader and shallow diver. We are an authorized Fisher Service Center.


    • The 15" coil is great for plowed over hut sites, deep shells and deep plates.
    • The 6" coil is best for housesites and trashy areas.
    • I prefer autotune "on" for all detecting with the IIB/IIBA, especially in housesites.
    • It is easier to adjust the R&C controls on the IIB with autotune "on."
    • If you use only one coil, the 8" is a good all around compromise.
    • The 10" and 6" coils make the best combination.
    • Higher impedance headphones e.g. 32 ohm extend battery life considerably.
    • Constant chattering most often means weak batteries.
    • Larger coils (10"+) balance best with the "horseshoe" handle.

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